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Set custom URL redirect for each service#228


Currently the custom url redirect option for after booking is set globally (1 url redirect for all services).
Please allow to set a custom url redirect per service.

a year ago

Also with the redirect it would be awesome to have the ability to still give the clients a custom-made thank you page with the option to save the appointment in google calendar with just a click, or have other variables from the booking pass over to the destination website

a year ago
Merged Appointment redirects#201
10 months ago

Yes! Awesome

9 months ago
Changed the status to
Planned: Later
8 months ago

Seperate Redirect for Each Service and Category#423

8 months ago
Merged Seperate Redirect for Each Service and Category#423
8 months ago

Please prioritize this request. It is absolutely necessary that the confirmation page be a specific page for each service. Here are 4 main reasons:

1- allows you to customize the message based on the service you have booked
2- allows specific indications to the user according to the contracted service
3- allows you to offer additional offers or discounts depending on the service purchased
4- Allows you to perform custom conversions on FB Ads based on a specific URL, and assign a conversion value to it, which helps us track revenue and measure ROAS.

Many appointment booking tools have already realized that this function is essential and have enabled this possibility for their users, for example

Please enable it as soon as possible.

6 months ago

This is a 100% necessity

3 months ago

This is critical. Will not be able to use trafft until this is done

2 months ago


a month ago