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Multilingual Support, more than one language at the same time.#151

it would be nice if it is possible to book in multiple languages and also email notification sent in many languages ( same lang used while booking)
for example be able to book in english and german at the same time

a year ago
Changed the title from "localization , ability to use multilanguages at once" to "Multilingual Support, more than one language at the same time."
a year ago
Changed the status to
Planned: Later
a year ago
Merged Multilanguage support#89
10 months ago

Our website is in the 3 languages German, Italian and English. Therefore it would be very helpful if you could add the possibility to direct the user from our site-of-language to the corrisponding language version in Trafft. Thank you, Roger

6 months ago

I agree, e-mail notifications in different languages is the last missing piece of the puzzle and very much needed

5 months ago

Yes! Please

a month ago